25 Feb

It’s all in a word…

It's all in a wordAs part of our research method we are looking for newspaper articles between specific dates and from specific publications that mention the word ‘Toxteth’. This is useful as 99.9% of the articles that this unearths are actually about Toxteth and are therefore relevant to our heritage project…the 0.1% of articles are usually someone’s surname! However, there is a slight flaw in this research methodology in the sense that there are also articles in newspapers that are either about people from Toxteth or have took place in Toxteth but do not actually contain the word ‘Toxteth’ in them. For example, it may mention a street that we know was located in the Toxteth boundaries at the time or it may mention a well-known person from the area, but make no reference to Toxteth or Toxteth Park. In these instances the articles do not fit into our research criteria in terms of the database we are producing, but they are relevant to our heritage project. Our team have therefore made a little addition to our method and are logging these stories separately in order to make sure we don’t miss a great story! Good solution to the problem? What do you think?