15 May

It’s logging time!

researchWe are currently busy bees logging all of the stories and research that our fabulous team of Volunteer Archive Researchers have done and we’ve come across some brilliant stories so far concerning fingers in sausages, adulterated milk, a murderer trying to suggest he is a ‘lunatic’ to escape punishment and a story about what we (or Kanye West ) would nowadays term a ‘golddigger’. These are just a few of the hidden gems that the team has uncovered and we will be putting the best of these tales up for an online and offline vote so that you can select your favourites. The top 8 will then be transformed into animations.

The logging process has been slightly longer than anticipated and therefore we have had some thoughts on how (in hindsight) we could have improved or streamlined this process. First, if we would have got the research team to log on a ‘cloud’ document as they located the results the process would have been shared out amongst a number of people and this would have streamlined the process significantly. As a previous blog post writes about, we didn’t initially opt for this process as we had never had experience of teams of people working on the same document using cloud computing before and we thought we could potentially encounter some technical issues. Also we didn’t want the digital/techie element to put people off from being involved.

Another approach we could have taken was to recruit a small team of Admin Support volunteers to help with the data processing. This could have provided people with an introduction to arts administration processes and research logging skills, and would have been a significant help to the project. If we were to do this again, we would probably opt for this second option and perhaps use cloud documents as part of the logging process with the Admin Support volunteers.

Despite the amount of logging that has needed to be done, we are almost there. So the voting system for selecting the best stories will be online soon(ish)!