18 Aug

The stories have been selected!

We’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who has voted on our heritage survey to select the 8 newspaper articles that we will be transformed over the coming months into animations. Here’s the 8 most popular that will be given a bit of creative sparkle very soon…

  • A sinister tale of fraud at Toxteth cemetery. The registrar had been caught defrauding families who had paid for graves…but only after his own death.
  • A case of fakery…A Toxteth resident pretended to a surgeon when he was not.
  • A supernatural tale of superstitious nurse and mysterious ghost…
  • An Exeter man discovered a cure for lunacy & wanted to test it on Toxteth folk!
  • A family mourned and buried the wrong person; their Mary Jones was alive & kicking!
  • A Toxteth workhouse inmate was charged with stealing clothes. Ironically, when apprehended she was almost nude!
  • After biting into a sausage butty a Toxteth resident discovered that he’d got more than he’d bargained for with his sausages…they also contained a chopped off finger!
  • Deformities and limb-shortening…that was what the residents of Liverpool faced until Dr. Thomas revolutionized splint technology (all whilst riding around in a scarlet-coloured custom sports carriage!)

We can’t wait too see how our scriptwriting and storyboarding groups put creative spins on them…and then it will be over to Robot Foundry VFX to transform them into quirky short animations!!!


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