The Trail

This heritage trail geo-map explores quirky stories of people who have lived, worked and played in Toxteth between 1850 and 1900, shedding light on the social, cultural and political climate of the time. The 8 stories and animations that form this trail include a tale of intoxicated revelry that ends in arrest, plant-based medical practices, a ghost story, a fiendish tale of fraud, the mesmerising treatments of ‘lunatics’, an unsavoury foodie narrative, a case of mistaken identity and miscommunications and an account of true, Scouse revolutionary!

In addition to this geo-map, you can watch the heritage trail’s animations on the interactive map exhibition inside the Museum of Liverpool and you can walk a physical heritage trail via visiting various community buildings in and around Toxteth. You can find out more about the physical trail here and also download the current version of the map.

To accompany this project and heritage trails, an education resource pack has been produced. Click here to find out more!